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leather tools concho button mold decoration button mould leathercraft tools leather craft tools leather working tools hand made leather tool

This is a quite easy tool that can help you make high quality decoration coin button quickly, maybe you can use it to develop more business chances :) 

The tutorail and nuts buying link is here:

It has 3 parts as one kit, the large side is for making diameter below 45mm button, the small side is for making diameter below 30mm button. 

The material is No.45 steel, very good quality, very strong, you can use all your life.

The weight is about 1.2KG, so we use internationl express line to ship worldwide, the transport fee is cheaper but very quick (5-7 days). If you want other transport companies, please let us know.

We have store, but sometimes maybe we need 2 days to product when they were sold out. 

You can buy different coins from ebay or other website, they are very cheap :)))

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