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Free shipping worldwide - Foil paper, gold, silver, bronze, blue, green red and so on for Embosser machine

Here are the foil paper for the embosser machine, it can offer perfect effect on your works such as leather, wood, paper art and so on.

There are different colours, please choose what you need. White colour is 100m long, and other colours are 120m long. The price is for 1cm width, if you need 2cm width or other width, just buy more items, for example, your logo width is 5cm, and you want 6cm width gold colour foil paper, just buy 6 gold foil paper and do leave us a message to tell us you want 6cm width not 6x1cm widths.

ADVICE:You should buy the foil paper at least 1cm more than the width of your logo, for example,  If your logo is 3cm width, please buy 4cm width foil paper. Don't care about the length, it is 100-120m, enough to use long time.

Free shipping worldwide.

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