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Freeshipping worldwide-leather tool, wood clamp, stitching pony, stitching horse, leather sewing clamp, wood clip

1.This is a traditional Europe style hand sewing wood clamp, the name is: Eiffel clamp, I like this one very much. 

2. The height is 105CM, the bottom angle is 60°, The width of the head is 9CM.

3.The material is beech, beech is a kind of wood that very hard and not very easy to be deformed, it has best performance in all kinds of woods to make clamp, so It is very strong and good quality. Please look at the pictures below, the color is original, just painted wax oil, in the daily use, you can also paint some wax oil or beewax to keep it fit.

4. I advice you to paste two pieces of leather on the opening to protect your works.

5.Free shipping worldwide. Wish you love it!

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