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Freeshipping worldwide-leather tool wood clamp, stitching pony, stitching horse, leather sewing clamp, wood clip

A newly redesigned wood clamp for leather hand stitching, Version 3. The features include:

1. With  a height of 43.5CM and a head width of 5.5CM, it is more suitable for people who are tall than previous models. The last version was only 35cm tall.

2. There is a red "fast clip", just move it up or down to open or close the clamp, very easy. This design keeps your hands and legs free.

3. There is a triangle wood block mounted under the handle of the fast clip. This clever design prevents the thread from snagging and becoming tangled on the handle of the fast clip while stitching or lacing the leather.

4. The fast clip can be loosened or tightened to adjust the clamp to easily accommodate both thick and thin leather projects. Simply loosen or tighten the adjustment screw on the tip of the fast clip.

5. The clamp is made from beech which is very hard, not easily deformed, and offers the best performance out of any wood type for making clamps. We use the highest quality materials in the construction of our clamps. Please look at the pictures below the color is original and painted with wax oil. Occasionally rubbing it down with some wax oil or beeswax will ensure years of enjoyment.

6. We strongly recommend you glue two pieces of leather to the clamp faces to prevent marring your projects.

7.Free shipping worldwide. We are sure you'll love it!

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