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With instruction - 2 in 1, bag sewing patterns 2 long wallet patterns PDF CCD-18 and CCD-17 hand stitched leather leathercraft patterns

Here are absolute original designed two leathercraft patterns for two leather wallet patterns, PDF document that you can download on your computer.

CCD-18 and CCD-17 are twins, they are both 9.5×20.0×2.0cm, and they share almost the same inner construction, the difference is the Surface. One for men and the other one for women. Both of them are very charming we think :))

We made an instruction with pictures and sentences for CCD-18 (the double layers surface one), so you can begin from CCD-18, after that, CCD-17 will be very very easy for you. Lots of people ask me: should I follow the instruction or tutorial absolutely? What my answer is: DIY has no rule, any great leather master in the world has their owned idea to change the construction or outlooking of the bags. So please use your imagination, you will find endless happiness from that :))))

We offer two type sizes: Full size and Tiled size.
Full size is A3 paper that you can print in a print shop use a piece of international standard size A3 paper (420mm×297mm).
Tiled size is A4 paper, no matter it is DIN A4(which used worldwide 210*297mm ) or Letter size (which used in America and Canada 217mm*279mm ), you can print it out 1:1 exactly. It is mainly for home printer users :)

Step1: print it out on rightsize paper 1:1;
How to print a 1:1 paper? When you print it, do check the printer properties to don't change the settings to fit the page, should be at "none", also, you need to set all margins to "0"(if your software has margin option, do it, if not, just leave it there), then you get a 1:1 property print out.
Step2: paste them on a thick kraft paper;
Step3: cut off the paper and do it!
All the patterns in our shop are hand drawing with software, and original design in international standard, any DIYer or professional designer can understand and use them to make bags at once. We also have custom order service, if you have any question, welcome to left message to us.
LZpattern will serve you with our full heart!
PS:Items made using this pattern maybe sold in your own shop. 

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