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Here is the link for wood zipper polisher.

There are some new made wood edge slicker/polisher/burnisher.

We used rosewood, Ebony, Red sandalwood or other cherish wood to make those tools (Send Randomly), sorry we don't have the normal wood version. If you are a skilled leather worker, you will understand the hard wood have very good performance than the normal, soft, light ones, it's construction is more compact, so when you polish the edge, the edge will be more close-grained and more shining.The diameter of the large polisher is about 23mm.

You can buy the wood polisher here:

What's more, we developed a kind of zipper polisher, when you make a wallet, the zipper hole is the hardest part to be polished, because the normal edge polisher is too large, if you have a thinner zipper polisher, everything becomes easy now. The diameter of the zipper polisher is 8mm, suitable for the zipper hole or small corners.

Each one were well polished before sent, very smooth.

We choose China Post Air Mail to send the tools, although it takes a long time (15-20days), but very economical, if you want other transport company, please let us know.

LZpattern developed these tools by hands absolutely, LZpattern's philosophy is: Make the best leather tools! We have worked with leather many years, we know leather well, and we know what tool is the best, we insist on making everything absolutely by hand, no machine, because machine can't tell you what a leather worker really needs.

This high quality tool is an excellent addition to your leather workshop!

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