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Free shipping Leather stamp custom stamp Copper Alphabet letters Hot Logo number interpunction, moveable alphabet Hot Logo Advertising Logo

The price $80 includes:26 alphabets(Custom Fonts) + 2 Blank Spacers + 1(&) + 1(·) A total of 30pcs.
If you don't tell us what kind of font you like, we will make default front as Arial.

You can choose Any font, any size, The default size is 1cm high.

You can choose any space between each letter, the default space is 1mm.

Each character size up to 10mm in height, Price for larger stamps to be discussed.

You can choose any size of the holders, 7cm is 10$ and 10cm is 15$. You can use electronic iron to operate hot logo, but the best and perfect effect comes from embosser machine. Price for larger holder to be discussed.

Here are the links for the relative things:
Adhesive tape:
Foil paper:

Free shipping worldwide.

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