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leather tools Zippo lighter case mould leathercraft tools leather craft tools leather working tools hand made leather tools leather mold

This is a quite easy tool that can help you make high quality leather zippo case quickly, maybe you can use it to develop more business chances :)

The pictures show some works that our clients made, cool right? You must absolutly wet the leather before you use the mold, then it is easier to make. and you need a vise or G clip to compact the two parts. There may be some little scratchings on the mold, it won't affect the final effect at all. The material is POM, very good quality, strong and light, no need to worry about the attrition at all. There are 2 parts as one kit.

Note: I advice buyers to use China Post Air Mail, although it needs 7-10 working days to reach you,but it is cheap, you aso can use DHL or EMS, but it is wasteful I think. The system default is China post Air Mail, if you want other transport companies, please let us know.

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