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This is a quite easy tool that can help you make leather bag quickly, use your imagination, maybe you can use it to develop more business chances :) If you are a leather player you will know the value of it. 

The material is POM, very good quality, very strong, no need to worry about the attrition at all.

There are 2 parts as one kit.

There are 3 style

No.1: straight corner, inner dimension 9.3X6.3X1.5cm, this type is suitble for special type leather business style bag. 2.0mm leather is adviced.
No.2: arc corner (small), inner dimension 9.6X6.3X1.2cm, this type is suitble for Japaness style bag, also can be made a bag or combine with large bag. 2.5mm leather is adviced.
No.3: arc corner (large), inner dimension 11X6.8X1.2cm, this type is suitble  for Japaness style bag, also can be made a bag or combine with large bag. 2.5mm leather is adviced.

Choose what you like. 

How to make it?
Step 1: Wet your vegetable tanned leather absolutly in a pool or basin that with water.
Step 2: Put the wetted leather in the mold and fasten them with a G clamp or a vise 10-20mins. If you have a jack tool, that will be best.
Step 3: Loosen the G clamp or vise and take out the molded leather.
Step 4: Cut off the redundant leather and paint the color you want, sew them together :)

Note:  It needs to wait 7 days to make this mold if there is no in store.

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