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leather tools copper edge polisher, hot edge polish stick, leather edge creator

This is a copper hot leather edge polisher stick. Can be used on vegetable tanned leather and chrome tanned leather. But begetable tanned leather has better effect.

They should be installed on an electric iron, I advice 60W one. Because 60W one's hold is large enough for the pole, The pole is about 4mm. Sorry we can't mail the electric iron to you because the transport company doesn't accpet electric goods, so you should buy from local market, the adjustable temperature one is the best I think.

Here are the measurement of the grooves:

2mm-5mm grooves are half round, it is suitble to create round edge effect.
6mm groove is a flat one, it is suitble for processing leather belt edge.

The transport company that we use is China Post Air Mail, it takes about 10-15 working days arrive you, and the fee is reasonable.

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