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What's the biggest problem when you make leather clutch bag?? The answer is install the zipper, it is really a big trouble for new player or even an old leather player. If you install it by hand, you will find it is absolutely a nightmare, the zipper will be wry and very ugly, please look at the picture.

But if you have this tool, things become easy. It can help you to install the zipper quickly. 

Here is a video to show how it works. You can see there is a corner tool to smooth the corner, you can make it by yourself with a piece of cutting mat or just a bank card, nothing is easier than that.

Here is a video for fast making, you will see the efficiency is very high by using this tool:

The size is about 20*9.4*1.8cm, this size is a normal size of a clutch.

The material is acrylic, very good quality, very strong, no need to worry about the attrition at all. 

Own it, it will boost your leather work efficiency a lot.

No need to wait to make, they are in store.

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