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Leather skiver, leather splitter machine, leather skiving machine, leather thinner

Here is a new developed leather skiver machine, smart design for leather players.

The size is:165mm*145mm*115mm, very small, onyl half a piece of paper.

The width of the roller is 35mm, you only need install normal razor blades, because customhouse forbid to send so many blades one time, so you should buy it from local market, it is very easy to be found.

The weigh of the packing is 1KG, if you think it is not very stable on your table, try to fix it with a G clip. Also it is very easy to be found.

You can adjust the thickness of the leather by using an Allen driver, we will gift one to you.

OK, here is a vedio to show how it works:

Tips: Some countries need declare customhouse fee, we didn't burden that.


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